The Best Foods to Serve at a Keg Party

As noted on, serving finger foods is a great way to allow guests to enjoy their meal and mingle with others at the same time. That being said, sticking to foods that don’t require utensils is a great idea. Guests can serve themselves and eat whenever they’d like throughout the night. It also takes some of the pressure off the host and reduces the time it will take to clean up. Use the staple plastic cups for the party and lay out napkins and plastic or paper plates. Plastic utensils are a good choice and act as a safety measure given that a lot of alcohol served. The food you serve should complement the beer and be small in size; so guests don’t have to sit down to eat and can nibble while standing.

Most places that serve beer have menus consisting of foods that are salty, as they go well with the beer and make the patrons thirstier. Before guests arrive, lay out an assortment of chips in different flavors, like tortilla, potato and pretzels. Alongside with the chips can be different dips for them to enjoy. If you want to keep it basic, offer up traditional ones like salsa, cheese, sour cream and onion. If you want more of a variety, purchase or make artichoke, bean, crab, nacho and other spreads. You can also ask each guest to bring a dip and chip of their own. In addition to the chips, provide a selection of crackers and cheeses. Peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and trail mix are other party favorites. For those who are health conscious, provide a few plates of vegetables to dip. Cherry tomatoes, pepper strips, cucumber slices, celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower florets are the best (as they too can be dipped). A number of websites like and, offer quick and easy recipes for making all of the dips and spreads.

If you chose to have hot food at the keg party, appetizers is the way to go. Serve up staple snacks like: traditional or boneless wings, pigs in a blanket, chicken strips, stuffed mushrooms, potato skins, pizza bites, quesadillas, mini tacos, pot stickers, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks and tiny quiches. Fill up bowls with an array of sauces and condiments, including: ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, ranch or blue cheese dressing, and others to compliment your hors d’oeuvres. In order to keep foods hot, use chafing dishes or other like warmers. There are several types of food warmers available. Depending on the space and amount of food you’re serving, you can opt for warmers that are candles, electronic, gas or steam. You can also warm dips by putting them in a fondue or crock pot.

Once the night is winding down, serve up something sweet to the party goers. Like the above, the best desserts are easy and don’t require utensils. Consider handing out flavored popcorns (caramel, spicy, maple, and others). Create a little candy station with assorted sweets and chocolates and offer guests a platter of fruit, cookies and cupcakes. You can find additional ideas and recipes by visiting sites such as

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