Food Tech, Hosted by Bobby Bognar, Premiered on the History Channel

Food Tech, hosted by Bobby Bognar, premiered on The History Channel Thursday night. The 60 minute show (sans commercial interruptions) Food Tech saw host Bobby Bognar take viewers around various factories, fields, and a slaughterhouse to show viewers how America’s annual 7 billion cheeseburgers and 8.5 billion orders of fries are made from the beef and potatoes all the way to the pickles, lettuce, onions and ketchup. Bobby Bognar, host of Food Tech, is the leader of the band The Piper Downs, and is now contributing to the food delinquency of America by hosting this History Channel program. This cable and satellite entity is sending the wrong message about diet, especially when they are using a very overweight, gluttonous man to champion the cause of junk food eating. Note that I’m not against the consumption of beef, but it’s been heavily used by the fast food industry as junk food via its preparation and portion sizes offered.

Food Tech Is Hosted by Bobby Bognar: The History Channel Sent The Wrong Message To Americans, Condoning Gluttonous and Unhealthy Eating Habits

In the past, I’ve had my share of greasy cheeseburgers and French fries. But over the last few years, I’ve chosen to change my diet. It’s a challenge. I’ve gone from free-basing foods full of saturated fat to a much healthier diet where I seldom eat those junk foods I lived off of virtually all of my adult life. Upon doing so, I’ve also found it very upsetting about the American diet, and how junk food eating is glorified in the media via The History Channel and its new program Food Tech.

Using a very overweight man like Bobby Bognar on national television to frolic over high fat-containing and high calorie-containing cheeseburgers and French fries sends the wrong message. This man, one can tell, has eaten more than his fair share of cattle herds and potato patches over the course of his life. For The History Channel to employ this person to further clog his arteries and to promote the clogging of American arteries is absolutely inappropriate. What if the Food Tech host had succumbed to a coronary or stroke while filming that episode?

Bobby Bognar really got his “food jollies” visiting a processed cheese factory, where it was revealed to us viewers that concentrated milk fat used in the making of the cheese for cheeseburgers has more fat than butter. How gassy did this guy get during filming eating all that cheese?

The host of Food Tech assured us at a slaughterhouse that we should all feel secure because the USDA is on the job inspecting beef. I guess Bognar is oblivious to all of the meat recalls that have occurred in the United States over the last year. But when you spend as much of your time stuffing your cheeks with junk food that the host of Food Tech does, is there time to keep up on current events?

French fries are often cooked in unhealthy oils and are laden with too much salt. According to an article at, even with a fast food chain like McDonald’s switching to cooking oils that are healthier, trans fatty acids and saturated fats are only fractionally reduced, 48 percent and 16 percent respectively. This still doesn’t do anyone’s blood pressure or cholesterol levels that much good, and when you multiply this by 8.5 billion orders of French fries Americans chow on annually, according to The History Channel program Food Tech, do you wonder why there’s such a health care crisis?

Food Tech Is Hosted by Bobby Bognar: The History Channel Could’ve Shown the Dark Side of Junk Food Eating

At the very least, this cable channel should’ve showed footage at the end of Food Tech of clogged arteries and pictures of people’s hearts after they’ve had heart attacks, often the result of eating too much comfort food like cheeseburgers and French fries.

Beef and potatoes do have health benefits, when eaten in moderation, prepared in as healthy ways as possible, and/or when consumed under the supervision of one’s outlined diet of a physician or dietician. The History Channel program Food Tech throws those rules out the window, using a perfect poster boy for bad eating in Bobby Bognar to do their dirty work. Bognar belongs on The Biggest Loser rather than a shameful program like this.

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